November 17, 2015

Receiving Marriage Counseling Is a Sign of Good Faith in You

I madly fell in love with my husband ever since the day we met. We have been dating since high school, so technically we have been together since the last 50 years and now we are only 33 years old.

Despite being together for so long, I could never find out that my husband had issues regarding his sexuality. He is a bi, which means he can make love with women as well as men.

I never knew until the day when I caught him red-handed with another man whom he claimed to be his colleague but when I asked him what was he doing in a hotel room with another colleague, that’s when I noticed the gleam in his eyes which clearly showed that he was hiding something, something which he is not proud of, and is still afraid to admit.

I was shattered, I mean after staying together for so long, what was so difficult? I kept asking him the reason for keeping me in the dark, but he stayed silent, without a reply. I left him immediately, because it was difficult for me to stand such a massive lie and looking at his face made me disgusted. After 4 months he called me up and wanted me to visit a marriage counselor.

He said that he would do anything to win me over again, he needed psychiatric help and out of sympathy I decided to visit a counselor to settle the dispute. It was utterly shocking for me to find out that my husband had had such weird fetishes. Some of those turned me on too after hearing those out.

The counselor ( referred him to pay a visit to a psychiatrist for treatment. On the other hand, I kept listening to his abnormal fetishes and surprisingly I felt wet down my area. I was turned on as well. I never knew that subconsciously I wanted to do such things too and I am really thankful for the therapy as I came to fully discover my husband’s deep desires. Since then on I started loving him more for which I let him carry out his fetishes so that we can stay together forever.

October 15, 2013

Counselors Helping in the the Tulsa Region

Couneslors are starting to infiltrate Tulsa and that’s a good a thing! With 50% of marriages ending in divorce, there’s a huge need for marriage counselors. One marriage counseling firm is Meister Counseling LLC. MC has been able to help people in Tulsa for the past couple of years.

The owners say that business has really started heating up because there has been such a need for people to start improving their relationships. They say that people are coming from all over Tulsa in order to use their services due to such a high success rate. Since they have had so much business, they say that competitors have started to pop up, but it won’t phase them.

“Competition only breeds results. We are already on top, so we would really have to drop the ball or lose a lot of our great inbound marketing.” It’s pretty special to see what they have going. The firm offers many different services such as divorce counseling. However, the main service they offer is marriage therapy for Tulsans. So if your marriage is on the rocks, be sure to go check out this firm because they have been doing great things for many different people in Tulsa. They say that no matter the situation of the relationship, there’s usually a way to salvage it. So if your relationship isn’t looking good, start looking up because there is hope.