Casino for high rollers

High rollers are online casino users who play for high stakes. Attracting “whales”, as they are also called by the people, is the primary task of every casino for big players. They bet big sums on slot machines, risking a lot, but also often winning a lot.

Most online casinos with high stakes are trying their best to keep the high rollers, which bring a good income. However, not all sites are able to do this, because in cases of a particularly large win, the site may simply not be able to pay it out. Therefore, many casinos for high rollers are representatives of well-known brands.

Pros and cons of a casino with high stakes

A big game means the possibility of large expenses. This is what attracts and scares off ordinary users of casinos with huge limits. However, the positive aspects still prevail:

  • High withdrawal limit or none.
  • The player can withdraw an impressive amount at a time, which is not available on small sites.
  • Exclusive Tournaments.
  • Entrance to such events can cost the amount of the average deposit of an ordinary user, but in case of victory, the “whale” receives fabulous money.
  • Special deposit bonuses.
  • VIP casino clients with huge stakes spend a lot, so bonus accruals for them are calculated at the maximum level.

There are also negative sides:

  • Increased minimum deposit
  • In order to receive bonuses in a casino with high stakes, you need to deposit large amounts.

Special bonuses for “whales”

A highroller can count on a special attitude towards itself from the administration of a casino with VIP players. VIP players usually have access to:

  • reduced wagers for wagering bonuses;
  • large amounts for a deposit;
  • tickets to branded tournaments of the site;
  • free spins in large quantities.

In addition, the highroller is always served out of turn. He often has a personal manager or a separate room in the support chat.

Strategy from VIP players

Many casinos with high stakes are actively attracting “whales”, thinking that they will immediately bring them “mountains of gold”. This is not entirely true, because highroller does not mean “simpleton”. The big game requires a special strategy and VIP clients stick to it. For example, “whales”:

  • Do not make large bets immediately, on the first available slot. Gambling requires concentration and patience, so the one who shows these qualities wins.
  • Adhere to their own gambling tactics. High rollers feel the moment when they need to raise or lower the stakes.

Also, most casinos with VIP players give them the opportunity to play slot machines with increased maximum bets. An ordinary slot rarely satisfies the whale’s appetites.

Games available in the casino for high rollers

The best machines for big players are megaways. The list of casinos for high rollers always includes sites with a good selection of multi-line slots. The number of prize combinations in some of them has already exceeded half a million, in addition, they support increased rates.

Also, the casino rating for high rollers includes sites where you can download standard slots in the high bets mode. A good example of an apparatus for a “whale” is Gonzo’s Quest. It supports higher stakes, and is available on the sites in the megaways version.

As a rule, the list of casinos with high stakes includes only portals, which have special sections with slots for high rollers. The stakes on them are increased, but there is always a limit.

At the request of the user, he may be limited access to the site. Also, the client of the licensed casino sets limits on deposits and losses.

What restrictions do high rollers have?

The same as other users, with the exception of the privileges determined by a particular online casino. For example, on some portals there is no limit for withdrawing funds, other sites increase the number of free spins for replenishment.