Casino draws are a kind of reward for online casino customers. Most often, these can be lotteries, an increased chance of a jackpot, a doubling of the deposit when replenishing an account, or valuable prizes.

The bonus program of the gambling industry operators is quite diverse. Very often, it provides for various types of draws in online casinos. With their help, it will be possible to attract new players to the site and maintain the interest of regular customers. The prizes are tickets to closed tournaments, equipment and even cars.

What are the draws?

Casinos are constantly trying to surprise their customers. Therefore, drawings have acquired the most diverse forms. Each of them has its own characteristics and rules of participation. It will not be superfluous to find out for those gamblers who want “easy” money.


A popular and rather old format is a lottery. Its essence boils down to the fact that the winner is determined randomly. Everything depends on the dropped number or the sequence of numbers.

The right to participate in the lottery gives a lottery ticket. By purchasing it, the participant makes his contribution to the general prize fund. In this way, he becomes a potential winner of the lottery in the casino. But in practice, the chances of winning largely depend on the number of people participating in the lottery.


Almost every significant holiday in the casino is accompanied by the distribution of prizes. It can be both free spins for slots and more valuable gifts, such as equipment or money.

Very often, VIP clients of the casino receive prizes for their birthday. It is enough for them to confirm their date of birth so that a pleasant present arrives on the balance sheet. If these are free bets, then they have a minimum wager.


A permanent type of drawing in online casinos is a jackpot. This is the maximum prize fund that can be received in the slot. The sum can reach colossal sizes. The lucky one, who will be lucky, will become rich in an instant. And the media will also tell about it, because hitting the jackpot is almost impossible. This can take years if you regularly play slot machines.

Experts recommend playing slots that have a progressive jackpot. Its size is constantly growing, because it depends on the number of players making bets. Everyone who participated in the formation of the bank is a potential winner.

Doubling the deposit

The deposit bonus is included in the bonus program of many operators, as it is an effective tool to increase the player’s activity. The essence of the promotion is quite simple – the gambler must replenish his balance by a specific amount.

For this, his investment will be doubled. Sometimes the size of the allowance is not 100%, but 150% or 200%. It depends on the generosity of the online casino bonus program.

Specialists of the  remind that the deposit bonus may have a high wager, so wagering it is not always profitable. If the number of spins is more than x30, then it is better to refuse such a gift. It is unlikely that it will be possible to withdraw it to the card in monetary terms.

Sometimes such a bonus comes without a wager. In this case, there are no restrictions on the withdrawal.

Why do casinos arrange lotteries?

There is fierce competition in the gambling entertainment market. Therefore, the operators are trying to attract customers in every possible way. For this purpose, lotteries are held in the casino. According to experts, they are an effective marketing tool and retain the target audience.

The higher the status of an online casino, the larger the draws it holds. In them, you can win really valuable prizes, for example, expensive equipment or a ticket to Las Vegas – a Mecca for lovers of gambling entertainment.

In this way, a positive image of a gambling establishment and a loyal attitude towards the brand among gamblers are formed.

Some operators hold draws on a regular basis. However, experts note that only minor prizes can be won in them, for example, free bets for playing slots. Others, on the contrary, do it rarely, but they offer good gifts, starting with money and ending with a car. Such large promotions are usually timed to coincide with international holidays and events in the gambling industry.

Casino with regular prize draws

Draws are included in the bonus program of far from all gambling establishments. Especially rarely they are carried out by young casinos, which have only recently appeared on the market. This is not surprising, since a large budget is required for their implementation.