Freerolls in poker are called tournaments, for participation in which the player does not need to pay. At the same time, the prize fund of the competition is quite real money that goes to the winner. To participate in some types of competitions, passwords for freerolls may be required.

Why do we need such tournaments?

  • The institution is to attract new players to the site and create traffic.
  • Participants – a chance, firstly, to train with live opponents, and secondly, to receive a reward in case of victory.
  • Lucky players can collect a solid bankroll on freerolls, which will allow them to move on.

Freeroll Features

To participate in freerolls, you do not need to pay an entrance fee, besides, the game there in most cases goes at low limits. That is why such tournaments

perfect for novice players: the costs are minimal, you can hone your skills and, if you have enough luck and skill, even win a prize. In addition, in this case, there is almost no risk of colliding with a strong and experienced player – the game is on an equal footing.

There are also freerolls designed for strong players – poker rooms hold them less often, but still regularly. In this case, their main advantage is, of course, the ability to save on a ticket.

Open freerolls

Registered customers of the institution can take part in open freerolls. On large platforms, these tournaments collect several hundreds, or even thousands of people with a very modest prize fund. Therefore, going to such competitions just for the sake of money is not worth it – the reward, as a rule, turns out to be miserable.

But what players get in abundance in open competitions is practice and experience. Freerolls of this type serve as an excellent training ground and are recommended for all novice poker players.

Promotional freerolls

Promotional ones are freerolls that are held regularly, as part of advertising campaigns, as part of large-scale poker tournaments, on the eve of holidays, etc. Entrance to them may be free, or may require a password or the fulfillment of special conditions. For example, to get a ticket to a tournament, a player must make a deposit through a certain payment system or play a certain number of hands within a certain time.

Access to closed promotional tournaments is given by:

  • passwords for freerolls from partner sites, such as;
  • tickets that players receive as a bonus (welcome, deposit, etc.);
  • fulfillment of tasks within the framework of the institution’s loyalty program.

Also, the password for freerolls can be obtained through the e-mail mailing list of the poker room, found in the social networks of the company, seen in the live broadcast of the events of the gaming platform.

Prizes in such competitions depend on the context. It can be sponsorship gifts, tickets to tournaments of a higher level with a solid bank, or cash rewards.

Private Tournaments

A limited number of people are invited to private (private) tournaments. Poker rooms with freerolls usually segment their audience in a very granular way and use private free poker tournaments as one of the marketing methods. With their help:

  • “Spur” the activity of customers;
  • motivate those who visit the institution irregularly to play.

Also, private tournaments are organized by partner sites of the room, through which players register in gambling establishments. They also publish passwords to private freerolls, without which participation in the event is impossible.

In any case, an invitation to a private tournament is an exclusive offer. Such competitions differ from promotional ones in a more impressive prize fund and an even narrower circle of participants (up to 50 people). It is much easier to take a prize in a private freeroll than in an open or promotional one.

Blinds: their structure and speed

Blinds are obligatory bets that must be made even before receiving cards. By structure, they can be small or large: the second is equal to the first two. The size of the blind (large or small) is determined by what place the player takes at the table, but their limits depend on the tournament.

For novice players, we recommend choosing freerolls with low limits on the blinds – even if you have a solid capital for poker, hold it until you hit your hand and hone your skills.

The speed of the blinds means how fast they grow – in standard tournaments it is 10-15 minutes, in the turbo format their size can increase every 3 minutes. For new players who need more time to think about each step, we recommend the first option.

Freeroll scale and number of participants

The easier it is to get into the tournament, the more players there will be. The preference for few or many tournaments is rather a matter of taste and the goal. If you want to win a prize in the first place, it is better to choose competitions that gather few participants: so there are more chances to reach the final.

Prize fund

The logic “the more, the better” in this case is not entirely true. Free poker tournaments with a prize fund of thousands of dollars will naturally bring together strong participants, in the fight against which beginners have very few chances; in addition, such competitions often take place at high limits, therefore, even with a free entry, they can “eat” a fair amount of the bankroll.

It is better to start from small daily freerolls – even if the prize fund in them is only $5-10, learn how to win in them before moving on to larger tournaments. For players who have already gotten their hand a little, freerolls-satellites, that is, tournaments where the prize is not money, but tickets to “expensive” competitions, will also be a good choice.