The first acquaintance with slot machines for any gambler is a dive into the unknown. Incomprehensible terms are added to fear and risk.

Pay lines in slot machines

The pay line is the sequence of reels in the machine. With a certain combination, they bring winnings and profits. Before choosing a slot, look at the rating of an online casino and register with the one that has the best ratings. Made? Then go ahead to deal with the game lines:

  • Depending on the selected machine, their number can vary from three (the simplest ones with three reels) to 3125 on modern video slots.
  • The lines on most one-armed bandits are only taken into account when building a combination from left to right. In some machines, comprehensive accounting is applicable.
  • Almost 90% of slot machines recognize a winning line if at least 3 out of 5 consecutive, identical symbols of the same combination match on it.
  • On vending machines, it is allowed to turn off some lines. This is done in order to reduce the size of the total bet (the player pays money for each line).

Beginning gamblers are not recommended to disable paylines. This can seriously reduce your chances of winning. As a result, the probability of a return on the machine is reduced to a minimum level.

How to collect combinations on paylines?

There are some “secrets” that will help increase the chances of winning. Read reviews about Vulkan casino, some of them contain useful life hacks. For example, some machines have the ability to force the reels to stop, rather than wait for them to smoothly complete the rotation on their own.

How many lines on the machine gives more chances to win

In modern online gambling establishments, a huge number of various slot machines and video slots are presented. Some developers and manufacturers have over two hundred games. A huge number of active lines with different settings, free spins and bonus spins, different lengths of payout cycles and the spread of winnings in slot machines.

For beginners who are fond of gambling, at first it is not easy to understand all this diversity and choose the right machine. Therefore, today we will talk about how many lines are most profitable to play slot machines and slots, as well as what will change when choosing machines with different active lines, and how this will affect the characteristics and results of the game.

Influence of active lines

The amount of the total bet depends on the number of active lines. The more of them, the higher the volume of the total bet and the lower each individual bet. At first glance, it may seem that the gambler will have to bet more money, but it is important to take into account that many lines affect the reduction of dispersion.

For example, even a large prize in one of the hundred lines of a slot machine will give out a smaller amount than the same prize during the game on nine lines. At the same time, when playing for 10 euros on 9 or 243 lines, in the first case you will have to bet 15 times more on each line than in the second.

It is important to bear in mind that the variance of slot machines on 243 lines is usually much lower than on nine or fifteen lines. The return cycle in machines with a small number of lines usually takes longer than in multi-line machines. In slots with 243 lines in free or bonus games, the multiplier is higher than in low-line machines.

Machines with a small number of lines

In machines with 1-5 lines, the variance will be higher, but the total payout percentage will usually be lower than in newer slots. This is due to the fact that classical machines have been developed for a long time. In the past, due to low competition, machines were set up to return only 80-90 percent of the bets made. Therefore, we recommend choosing only modern slots, the return percentage of which reaches the maximum.

The most profitable machines

So, above we have determined that multi-line machines have a smoothed variance, and the total bets diverge on a large number of active lines, that is, it is better for a gambler to play machines with 9-15 lines if he prefers rare large wins, or with 243 lines, if he likes small and frequent wins.

An exception can only be games in which there are additional symbols that move apart on the reel in a vertical position. The presence of several such images from time to time gives the player a chance to win big.