Rakeback in the best poker rooms

Rakeback is the return of a part of the funds spent by the client to pay the commission (rake) for each card dealt. Actually, it is the rake that brings poker rooms most of the income. Usually it is 5% of the bank, but not higher than the established limit (let’s say $3).

The percentage depends on the type of game, the number of participants and other factors. This type of bonus allows the player to recover part of such expenses. It can be fixed, the same for all customers, or differ depending on the status of the user in the loyalty program.

Operating principles

It is charged regularly, once a month or a week, depending on the room. To receive it, the total amount of rake in the reporting period must not be lower than the minimum established by the rules. The size of the return, as noted above, often depends on the level of the player on the site. Below we consider an example of a calculation.

The system calculates and calculates the rakeback

We assume that the loyalty program in the company consists of five levels: the lowest (five) is set automatically, to receive it on the fourth quarter of the month you need to pay 20 dollars per month, to receive it on the third month – 100 dollars. At the same time, the fifth level player will receive a 5% discount, the fourth – 10% and the third – 20%.

Let’s assume that the first player, who rarely plays online, pays $ 12 per month, so he gets 5% cashback, or 60 cents. The second level is 47 dollars and the fourth level is a 10% refund, that’s 4.7 dollars. The third player, who pays $159 per month and gets the third level, gets 20% of the total amount, that’s $31.8%.

What is the difference between cashback bonus and rakeback?

Rakeback in poker is most often charged for the amount of rake, regardless of what the result of the game was – both losing and winning users (with a few exceptions) can receive it. At the same time, cashback on gambling sites is usually credited only for losses and only in the event that, according to the results of the accounting period (week or month), the player went into the red.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of rakeback is obvious – it allows you to return part of the spent funds and replenish the bankroll for new bets. As we can see from the bonus policy of a number of companies, active players can get back more than half of the funds spent on the commission.

Its disadvantages include the fact that its accrual can only occur when playing at certain tables or fulfilling other strict conditions.

What to look for when choosing a poker room with rakeback

When choosing a room with the best rakeback, first of all, pay attention to what percentage of the return the company offers for a particular level.

If you play rarely, in the first place, be interested in the size of payments for low levels or companies that pay a fixed percentage. It makes sense for active and experienced poker players to be interested in just the conditions of payments with large amounts of rake.

The presence of such a bonus as rakeback is an important plus for poker rooms: it allows players to compensate for part of the costs, while at the same time increasing their loyalty towards the player. When choosing a room, consider a number of factors: the minimum payout threshold, the amount of return at a convenient for you frequency of the game, as well as the presence of additional conditions for its enrollment and payments.